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This modest website aims to share the conviviality of a Southern Vendean wine cellar through my passion:
buttiserigraphy, ie the collection of screen-printed bottles.

A little bit of history
This cellar is located in the town of Aisne at a place called "l'Orée des Champs", near the Canal des Cinq Abbés.
  You have to follow the "Chemin du Retour" to get there; despite malicious gossips that say it's difficult
to leave the cellar, know that we ALWAYS come back from it !!!

Story of a collector and discovery of the collection
below, push the door!


MSW 3.0          Tous droits réservés 2003-2024©          Translator: CAILLETEAU Séverine

Site news

In early May 2020, I decided to create this new website because the old one dated back to 2003 and it no longer met the current requirements for website.
This new site is Bilingual [FR-EN], optimized for mobile phones [Responsive Web Design], programmed in PHP, among others...
It will still be hosted by NFrance but with a Web Pro Cloud formula, including security by SSL certificate Let's Encrypt, protection against DDoS attacks, SLA, Managed NFrance 24/7/365, etc.
The translation of all the articles on the site is the result of the work of Miss CAILLETEAU

23-06-2024  [cave 210]  Addition of new bottles in the cellar biggrin
11-03-2024  [Espace Echange]  Update - Addition and removal of bottles 
29-05-2022  [Présentation Collectionneur]  Update - Addition of a new paragraph
01-01-2024  [Accueil Site]  Update - Presentation
29-05-2022  [Formulaire Contact/Echange]  Revision of the raster and collector's contact details
01-10-2023  [La Sérigraphie, ???]  Update - Complete redesign of the display
09-06-2024  [Actualités Packaging]  Addition of new information biggrin
23-06-2024  [Outil de Recherche]  Update - Addition of new bottles biggrin
23-06-2024  [Cave-aisne Infos]  Update - New article in the gazette biggrin
16-06-2024  [Cave-aisne Infos-Identité]  Update - Translation of articles into English biggrin
23-06-2024  [Média, Presse-TV]  Update - Addition of new press articles 
09-02-2024  [Projet Musée]  Update - Adding photos and comments tongue

MSW 3.0          Tous droits réservés 2003-2024©          Translator: CAILLETEAU Séverine

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